A New Decentralized Node Economy Powered By Distributed Ledger Technologies Event Tracking

Enabling web 2.0 services to listen and react to events on distributed ledgers. TxHash Network allows web 2.0 apps, in a decentralized manner, to track and react on DLT transaction events.

The Problem

Lack of incentives for non-wealthy DLT node operators
Most DLT networks rely - and are valuated - on robust decentralization of their ledgers, yet they only reward the part of the network that can economically compete to participate. This restricts the operation and maintenance of the network to the wealthiest members of the system, and limits the amount of nodes that can be run in an economically viable manner.

Lack of interoperability between DLT and web 2.0 services
Blockchains and other DLTs exist in their own siloed space, partitioned off from web 2.0 services. Crypto projects are notoriously limited by slow adoption and development, which is a real shame. Just across the border in web 2.0 there are billions of users, to whom we should find ways to introduce innovative DLT concepts and services.

The Solution

We are creating a completely new economy that incentivizes and rewards blockchain and other DLT node operators, which are currently passive entities and act merely as ledger state witnesses. These previously ignored nodes in DLT infrastructures will be leveraged and rewarded for their contribution to the decentralized network, creating a new node economy. This economy is sustained by a technological bridge between DLT and web 2.0 services which facilitates the tracking of public ledger events using current web technologies.

The TxHash Network

We are building a decentralized network that uses a tracking system to monitor transactions as they are added to any distributed ledger. The Network performs an action once certain conditions have been triggered.

Our network uses a platform-agnostic plugin that is hosted by full nodes of the networks that TxHash monitors and rewards them for maintaining the network.

By open-sourcing and abstracting the TxHash.com Tracker Service into a fully decentralized, cross-DLT, we will create trustless a network which perform all core functionalities of our software as a service.

The TXN Token

The TXN token is an ERC-20 token of the Ethereum Network, and is the cornerstone of two staking mechanisms in the TxHash Network.

End-user staking

TxHash Network will provide access to its Ledger Tracker Notification Engine by staking TXN tokens for basic services, and paying TXN tokens for more advanced services.

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Full-node staking

Full nodes must stake TXN into a smart contract to perform services of the Ledger Tracker Notification Engine, and contribute to the consensus model.

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TXN Token Allocation

Total TXN Tokens Issued: 1,000,000,000

Company Reserve
in Ether

The Public TXN Token Sale

The Public TXN Token sale will happen on our website


To be Announced


Node rewards: 200,000,000 TXN
Tokens for sale: 400,000,000 TXN

Market Cap

Soft Cap: $2,500,000 USD
Hard Cap: $10,000,000 USD

The Roadmap

Q2 2017

Development started

Q3 2017

Launched First Alpha Prototype
Ethereum Payment Notifications

Q4 2017

Added BTC and LTC Notifications
Started Development of IFTTT API Bridge

Q1 2018

TxHash Tracker Beta Launch
IFTTT Service Partnership
Added Ethereum Smart Contract Notifications

Q2 2018

Announced TxHash Network
Publishes Whitepaper
TxHash Network ICO Legal Preparations

Q3 2018

TxHash Network Token Sale
TxHash Network Token Generation Event (TXN)
Research Proposed Architectures
Add Zapier Support

Q4 2018

Implement Additional Protocols
Research Sharding, Off-Chain Support

Q1 2019

TxHash Network Testnet
Test Rewards in Kovan

Q2 2019

TxHash Network Mainnet
Launch Node Rewards

Q3 2019

TxHash Network Analytics Testnet
Decentralized Triggers Testnet

Q4 2019

TxHash Network Analytics Mainnet
Decentralized Triggers Mainnet

Q1 2020


Latest news

Presenting TxHash Network

Last week, we were invited to present the TxHash Network for the first time at Gnosis meetup in Gibraltar. On this weekly update we want to save words and let the video speak for itself – enjoy!

TxHash Network — A New Node Economy

Most DLT networks rely — and are valuated — on robust decentralization of their ledgers. Several computers, also called nodes, connect to the same network and share the same information about transactions that are then appended to the ledger...

Announcing the TxHash Network

When introducing TxHash, we’ve shown how crucial it is to connect our current web 2.0 applications and services to events on the blockchain. Built on a micro-service architecture, TxHash is bridging the gap between those two worlds...

Introducing TxHash Network


Diego Araos

Founder and CEO. Diego has 15 years of developer experience. He got involved in cryptocurrencies back in 2013, started working on a DLT node economy and web 2.0 interoparability solutions one year ago.

Ernane Luis

Front-end developer with experience working on blockchain projects. Ernane leads UI/UX and works on IFTTT and API integration bridges of TxHash.

Norbert Ritter

Backend developer with 4 years of experience building web apps. Currently working on the core tracker engine, APIs and microservices for TxHash.


Najda Benes

Brand & Content Strategy at Gnosis.pm – After spending the last two years helping to grow early to mid-stage startups in San Francisco, Nadja joined Gnosis in 2017 with the aim to drive the evolution of decentralized applications built on Ethereum—a way to create efficiency, equality, and opportunity for all.

Michaël Krens

Co-founder of SignRequest. He is a self-taught programmer and has been in the tech field for several years. After working his way up the corporate ladder to eventually run a tech team for a 600+ people company, now responsible of everything related to IT at his own company.

Manu Andorra

Founder of Block0, an angel crypto fund. Manu focuses on protocol and platform blockchain startups. He has worked with many successful entrepreneurs and companies. Manu started working with founders at the global venture capital firm Index Ventures and in the TMT team of Rothschild Investment Bank.

James Treacher

Marketing Director of Blazon PR. James has 4 years experience in crowdfunding and financial technology. In 2017, James worked on a number of ICOs helping raise over $100 million.

Sean Casey

Co-founder of TokenFlow, a distributed ledger technologies consultancy for Token Generation Events. Sean is a serial entrepreneur and backend developer for web applications.

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